From São Paulo State (SP) to Minas Gerais State (MG) in around 7 hours

Anyone who chooses to travel from Mairiporã-SP to Araxá-MG by commercial vehicle (car, van, bus etc), after the opening stage of the WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike Series, can be sure: it will be a nice trip, which passes quickly, but as always you have to be careful.

There are around 560 km that separate the two cities that host the Brazilian double round of the WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike Series. Most of the trip (80%) is carried out via dual carriageway, in the State of São Paulo (SP). The last 100 km are in the State of Minas Gerais (MG), before reaching Araxá on single lane road.

When leaving Mairiporã, the first big city you will arrive at is Campinas-SP (1.1 million inhabitants), after around 90 km in 1 hour of travel on the Fernão Dias (BR-381) and Dom Pedro (SP-065) roads.

The second leg of the trip will be from Campinas to Ribeirão Preto-SP (700 thousand inhabitants). More 2h40 after around 220 km on the Anhanguera (SP-330) road. In other words, there you have half the journey.

When passing on the outskirts of Ribeirão Preto-SP, another road. This time to head towards the closest border between São Paulo and Minas Gerais. Another 1h15 stretch of travel and 90 km on the Cândido Portinari Road (SP-334), until reaching the city of Franca. The last largest city on the route, with population of 350 thousand inhabitants.

After passing through Franca, three more cities that can serve as support in any case of need – Cristais Paulista (8,6k inhabitants), Pedregulho (15,6k inhabitants) and Rifaina (4k inhabitants), until reaching the Rio Grande Bridge, which is the border between the two Brazilian states (SP and MG). From Franca to Rifaina, 50 minutes and 60 km in the same road (SP-334).

The last part of the trip is made in the State of Minas Gerais, where 100 km are covered in around 1h30 on a single track (Did you notice the difference in average kilometers per hour?). This is where whoever is driving must pay extra attention.

The final road to Araxá has holes due to the recent rains, meaning driving with total focus and concentration is extremely necessary. In fact, we suggest not driving this road at night. If you travel there at night, slow down.

An important detail of the final stretch to arrive in Araxá: there is no town on the side of the road in these final 100 km and no gas station, in other words, there is not much support or place to eat or put fuel in the vehicle.

We wish everyone a good trip. See you in Araxá, from April 15th. May it be an unforgettable stage of the WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series.

PS: During the route in the state of São Paulo, there will be 10 road tolls along the way, totaling just over 100 reais in total cost. Have cash with you, just in case, as not all of them accept credit cards.

Written by Gustavo Coelho, local press officer for WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series and head of communications area at CIMTB.