Solution developed in Brazil will provide energy for the competition in an innovative way

For the first time, Minas Gerais will host a stage of the Mountain Bike World Cup. The competition, which will be held between the 19th and 21st of April in Araxá, will transform the city of Alto Paranaíba into the cycling capital of the world, with an expected audience of over 30 thousand people and broadcast to more than 150 countries.

Behind the entire organization of this great event by Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), a global giant in the media and entertainment sector and which for the first time promotes a stage of the World Cup in South America, is Rogério Bernardes from Minas Gerais, local promoter of the event which will bring many new features and promises to be a major milestone sport in the country.

One of the new features is the energy system, which will be used for the first time in a World Cup stage. Developed in Brazil, it will use a mobile energy system with reused batteries, which was developed by Tecnogera, a Brazilian company that was already at the forefront of energy solutions for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, and which in Araxá will provide this solution for the first time mobile phone with batteries for a sporting event in Brazil.

“Having more sustainable elements within a major event like this is very important, both from the point of view of legacy for the city, and in being able to show new paths using the communication power of sport. In addition to all the environmental legacy actions we have planned for the location, we are very happy to be able to use an innovative energy solution developed in Brazil in partnership with Tecnogera”, says Rogério Bernardes, Organizer of the MTB World Cup and CIMTB.

Energy reliability is a critical element within an event of this size, which involves kilometers in length, from the recording and television broadcast of the race, to areas for the public present and the great moment of timing, starts and finishes.

Tecnogera will also bring its innovative solution to the event that combines energy storage with mobility. M-BESS (Mobile Battery Energy Storage System) consists of a mobile system supplied with reused batteries, which in addition to being an alternative to the use of diesel generators, is also a solution for disposing of end-of-life batteries from other applications. , reused in this system.

This solution developed by Tecnogera is 100% Brazilian and has a lithium battery storage system that provides energy silently and without pollutant emissions, as it reuses batteries from the mobility sector, such as those implemented in electric vehicles, which are at the end of their life cycle. “The Araxá stage of the MTB World Cup is the first sporting event in Brazil that will use a mobile battery power system. We want to help make the competition even more special and a true milestone for Minas Gerais”, adds Jorge Moreno, Director of New Business at Tecnogera.
About Tecnogera Founded in 2006 and operating throughout Brazil and Latin American countries, Tecnogera is a national company, specialized in energy solutions, energy security, electrical and temperature control equipment. A reference in the rental of generator sets, lifting platforms, load banks, lighting towers and the entire line of accessories, the company has already served almost 5 thousand customers of the most varied sizes and segments, and relies on the work of a highly qualified team, 24 hours a day and seven days a week with innovative services that involve development, logistics, implementation, maintenance and support.