BiciMobi Project / CiMTB Experience Bicicleta para Todos will run on the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of April and the 26th, 27th and 28th of April, coinciding with the dates on which the two cycling events will take place

The city of Araxá (MG) will experience two very special sporting weeks in 2024. From April 15th until the end of the month, the city will be the center of attractions around the world, hosting for the first time one of the stages of the World Cup of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, and soon after the International MTB Cup (CiMTB), for the 21st consecutive year. Thus, thinking about having sustainable and organized access to the event venue, the Grande Hotel Termas de Araxá, a Mobility System project was created, the BiciMobi / CiMTB Experience Bicicleta para Todos. The main objective of this specialized system is to guarantee access to the event location in Araxá, in Complexo do Barreiro. Historically, the difficulties related to people’s movement during events in this location indicate the challenges that are part of traffic management linked exclusively to the two sporting events to be held in Barreiro, throughout the second half of April 2024.

The Mobility System will be carried out thanks to the support of Codemge – The Development Company of Minas Gerais, which is providing the space at EXPO Minas to set up the MTB Village, Deputy Bosco, Araxá City Hall, through the Secretary of Public Security (Guarda Municipal and Traffic), City Council of Councillors, Military Police-MG, Military Highway Police-MG, Federal Highway Police (PRF), Department of Roads and Highways of Minas Gerais (DER-MG) and Fire Department of Minas Gerais.

Barreiro Complex, in Araxá (Credit: Divulgação/

“The Mountain Bike World Cup stage, together with the CiMTB stage, in Araxá, is an excellent opportunity to promote the practice of leisure and utility cycling in the municipality. In order to guarantee the event with excellence and bringing the population closer to competitions, including ensuring their accessibility, we created a document that aims to present the Mobility Commission created to manage the demands inherent to the movement of people during CiMTB sporting events in Araxá”, explains Rogério Bernardes.

A temporary signage system will be implemented with the support of the various traffic authorities involved, directly or indirectly, in supporting and organizing the event. For more specific cases, a system will be created with exclusive stickers that allow access to areas with temporary movement restrictions. In addition, an official event communiqué will be prepared to be distributed in the event’s coverage area, with the aim of informing about the temporary organization dedicated to the World Cups and CiMTB.

Map for local athletes, teams, residents and workers

It is also important to highlight that the circulation of private vehicles towards Barreiro will not be permitted, except for accredited teams of athletes, organization cars, public security fleet vehicles, residents of Barreiro and Barreirinho, as well as employees and guests of Grande Hotel and Hotel Nacional Inn, which must access these locations exclusively via Estrada Velha do Barreiro, throughout all days of the two events.

“The BiciMobi Experience Project was designed with the aim of taking advantage of the historic moment that the city of Araxá will experience, with the holding of a stage of the Mountain Bike World Cup, in April 2024, a moment when people will be more sensitive and conducive to cultivating the universe of off-road cycling and implementing actions that aim to reinforce the presence of the bicycle in the imagination of citizens and, in the long term, encourage a public policy to encourage the different uses of the bicycle: utilitarian, leisure and sporting “, praises Gabriel Ramos, one of the project’s creators.

Map of movement at the event headquarters

In addition to setting up a Mobility Committee to support the event’s organizing team, the BiciMobi CiMTB Experience project envisages carrying out 4 major actions: creating the leisure and sports utility cyclist’s week in Araxá; implement the Mountain Bike Village (in Expominas), as an official support point for the event, with accommodation options in camping and motor homes, food court, cultural events, parking and other related activities; design and operate a temporary cycle lane for the exclusive circulation of cyclists, between MTB Village and Barreiro (World Cup Venue); and, finally, create a space at the World Cup Venue, the BiciMobi Lounge Experience, to provide moments of rest in a space dedicated to presenting various scientific nuances about the use of bicycles in the city, their various benefits, in addition to proposing a historical review of the MTB practice in Araxá and its main actors.

Map of the MTB Village at EXPO Minas

All complete information about the BiciMobi / CiMTB Experience Bicicleta para Todos project is available on the UCI MTB World Cup website in Araxá – in the Mobility System tab – or at:

Creating the project
Thinking about the grandeur of hosting a stage of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup followed by another stage of the International MTB Cup in Araxá (the 21st in consecutive years) in a period of just two weeks, CiMTB entered into a partnership with the young company BiciMobi to put into practice the broad project called BiciMobi CiMTB Experience – Bicicleta para Todos, which aims to implement a Mobility System dedicated to both competitions.

Those responsible for the action
Leading the action are BiciMobi representatives: Patrícia Moço, business administrator, specialist in sports management, innovation and sustainability; Gabriel Ramos, Master in Geography, Spatial Planning and Urbanism, specialized in sustainable bicycle mobility policies during four years of research at the Sorbonne, Paris (FRA); sports photographer Alemão Silva, who has been following mountain biking throughout Brazil for 14 years. And, on the part of the CiMTB organization, Rogério Bernardes, one of the event organizers for almost three decades, having worked on important events such as the Rio Olympics/2016, XCE Congonhas World Cup/2018, XCO World Cup and XCC Petrópolis/ 2022, among many others.

Ticket sales open
Tickets for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Araxá have been on sale since the beginning of November. The passport that is purchased, personal and non-transferable, can last from 1 to 4 days and the values ​​vary between R$ 150 (1 day) to R$ 300 (4 days), plus the value of the convenience fee (10%). To make the purchase, simply access:

While students and seniors (people over 60 years old) will have a 50% discount on the purchase of passports, the organization has prepared a super special discount of 80% for residents of the host city, Araxá (MG). Children up to 9 years old do not pay entry, guaranteeing a 100% discount, but they must also register in the ticket sales system.

Araxá local organization
The CiMTB organization held its first race in 1996. Since then, it has been innovating and actively contributing to the growth and strengthening of mountain biking and the bicycle market in Brazil. Counting points for the International Cycling Union (UCI) world ranking since 2003, the CIMTB has been selective for the Olympic Games since the cycles of Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020 and now for the Paris 2024 competition.

In 2022, CiMTB further increased its international relevance, with the opening stage of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz Mountain Bike World Cup, in Petrópolis (RJ). Furthermore, he was responsible for building the mountain bike track for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, considered one of the best in the history of the Games since 1996, the first year of MTB at the Olympics.

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